Talo Log-House Self-Build School

These pictures are from the Talo International self-build school held at Seijogakuenmai, Tokyo on May the 12th, 13th and 19th, 2007.

The log house under construction will be on-site for only about a month, before being dismantled, moved to a permanent site and re-assembled. Because of this, some of the steps in the installation process are missed (the insertion of packing between the logs, for instance) and some are less rigorous than they would otherwise normally be (ie:- the number of screws in the rafter plates).

We were very lucky with the weather, with sunshine on the first day and overcast, breaking up to sunshine, on the second. This certainly helped everyone enjoy the occasion, with refreshments provided by Talo giving the whole thing a picnic-like atmosphere.

The third day was the Saturday of the following weekend and, although there was a smattering of rain, the weather held fairly well and we were able to get in another full day on finishing (including staining the exterior of the log walls). We realized at the end of the last day just how much work was still left to do (the floor remained to be installed, as did the internal, sheet walls). However, I think we all left with a feeling of achievement and confident in the knowledge that we'd gained enough experience to get at least this far on our own.

One of the other major benefits of the event was the chance to meet other people with similar interests and plans and build up a network of new friends who would like help with their own self-build project. As you would expect, their was no shortage of volunteer workers for any upcoming build.

Many thanks to Talo International for organizing this event.

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...beam fix







Day 2 End

Third Day (Second Weekend) Start


Window surrounds

Front door

French doors


Window surround







Base blocks



Top board

For door, too

Weather board




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