Log House #2 (Pan Abode) Build Progress

Three typhoons and still counting... Lots of lost time due to bad weather, but we're actually fairly lucky compared to other parts of the country. Typhoon #12 was the most destructive in decades, with huge amounts of damage and loss of life. We can't really complain too much about a wet, warped floor.

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...and stud wall panelling

Oak flooring going down

Oak flooring going down

Balusters, chimney, wall panelling

The kitchen unit is in

That annoying open top

The scaffolding is down

A spring run with the C.A.R.

View to the west, across the valley

Trench digging for plasic conduit

View to the west, early A.M.

View to the west, sunset

View of the house taken from the NW, looking SE

View of the house taken from the SW, looking NE

Deck railings, but...

Hot air vent installation

It must be summer

Solar Hot Water Panels - Rails, but no panels

Panel #1 in place...

Panel #2 in place...

Panel #3 in place...

Panel #4 in place...

All panels in place and pipes attached

The original (cottage) dual and new house quad

Sunjunior external hot-water tank unit

Baluster I

Baluster II

Baluster III

Both houses from the apple field (Photo: Gavin Brock)

The wood stove in-situ (Woodstock Soapstone "Fireview")
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