Log House #2 (Pan Abode) Build Progress / Floor-Plan

2010-11-15 00:01






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The floorplan and elevations were created by Ushikoshi-san, an independent log house builder here in Komagane-Shi, based on our back-of-the-envelope drawings. These plans were, in turn, the basis for the detailed blueprints produced by Pan Abode from which the house kit was manufactured. Ushikoshi-san has been our partner and mentor through the whole of the build process.

The ground floor is on the left-hand side, with the upper floor to the right. The strangely shaped object to the left of the staircase on the ground floor plan (which looks a bit like a door in the floor with a rounded side to the left) is actually a representation of the planned wood-stove and hearth (and the opening for the chimney can be seen to the left of the staircase on the upper floor drawing).

Enclosed areas marked with "ST" are storage (cupboards).