June/July 2008

During June and July, even though there was plenty of work going on, there were none of the major changes to the external structure of the earlier build, so you'll have to look a little closer at this series of photos to see the updates.

In mid June we had the whole family in attendance for one weekend and we were very lucky with the weather, too. That allowed us to get a good start on laying the terrace flooring on the Saturday. We got pretty much half of the width layed, only to be told by U-san on Sunday that we'd put the boards on upside-down. It seems that those nice grooves and decorative patterning on what we took to be the business side are actually there to prevent warping and splitting of the wood. I spent most of Sunday morning pulling up the boards and laying them the other way up, while TP worked with U-san on the ceiling boards under the eaves.

One surprise waiting for us on that weekend was that the unit-bath company had delivered and fitted the bathroom during the previous week. We now have a bath... no water and no waste piping, but a bath.

At the end of the month, U-san and I put the insulation into the roof space on both the North and South sides of the house (U-san had already done most of the wiring in the roof space), allowing us to make a start on the inside ceilings.

Eaves Work

Lunch Break

Finished Eaves Boards

The Unit Bath

Ceiling Insulation

More Eaves Work


Ceiling Work

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