April/May Golden-Week Holiday

During the "Golden Week" holiday we headed back to Nagano with the express intention of making the building weather-proof. Because of the run of bad weather earlier in the year, we were running seriously behind schedule and I was beginning to panic over whether we'd be able to get the roof completed before the "tsuyuu" rainy season hit us. Luckily, the local log-house builder we'd been introduced to during the winter, Ushikoshi-san, had finished the house he'd been working on in Higashi-Ina and agreed to help us out on a daily basis to get things back on track.

This proved to one of our better decisions during the build, as we certainly wouldn't have been able to fix some of the problems (self induced and kit shortfalls) without his help. We benefitted from the use of his extensive tool-kit, as well as his long experience in building log houses from various makers. Ushikoshi-san's methods for straightening rafters ("taruki") and fascia panels ("hanakakushi-ita" and "hafu-ita") saved us days of frustration and extra work and his pneumatic nail-gun saved hours of tedious work and bruised fingers when it came to fixing down the roof panels themselves.

The weather stayed fine for an extended period over the holidays and, although the wind was rather strong at various times, it was a pleasure to be out and working in the fresh air again with the wonderful vista of the snow-capped mountains in front of us.


Attaching the roofing panels

Getting used to the nail-gun

Finishing the west side

Starting on the east side

Straight rafters

Taking a breather

Almost done with the plywood

And the asphalt covering done


The "Genkan"

"Neda" and "Taruki"

Making it weather-proof

Terrace pillars


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